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(last updated 4/19/17)


Here is the section about Walworth from Landmarks of Wayne County

History of Walworth from Landmarks of WC


The Walworth United Methodist Church was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places.  Here is the application that was filed.

NY_Wayne County_First Methodist Episcopal Church of Walworth


Here are some stories from past newsletters that we think you may enjoy reading.

Anna and Elton May- May 2007

Doc Esley- March 2011

Dr. Robert Morris Country Doctor- Nov 2008

Ebert family brothers- Feb 2010

Gypsies- Nov 2009

Box in the Farmhouse Attic- Nov 2011 – about the Wignalls

3/25/17 – Martha Lynch said “Hi… I just read the historical piece about the Wignall’s. Having lived in their “new house” for almost 35 years, we can attest to the love with which it was built. The story told by Virginia Wignall is a testament to the love the Wignall’s had for Walworth, their family and community.”

Charles Livingston Bull Illustrations- March 2008

Grover Cleveland wedding & Peony-July 2006

Grover Cleveland wedding- July 2012

DeWitt and Minnie Tuttle- Nov 2009

Ginegaw Park- July 2009

Don’s IGA building- Feb 2011 – This building is now the Walworth Post Office (and more)

Stu Huntley- May 2011

Post office history- Sept 2016

Nancy Bel Grandparents Farm Memories- Jan 2008

Merchandizing 20th century Ethyl Henning- May 2009

Marlene Slocum Home- July 2008

Lorraine Finley CSA- May 2007

Anna Boynton- March 2007

Hazel Bassage Good bye March 2006

Advertising Signs- March 2012

Cheesemaking –  We’ve had 4 stories on this topic:

Lincoln cheese factory- Nov 2010

Cheese factories- Feb 2011

Cheese Factories- March 2011

Cheese factories- May 2011


Interviews by Dawn Russell

In 2015, Dawn joined our Newsletter Team.  Her interest was doing interviews and writing stories about those interviews.  Below are the ones she has done to date.  Each has been published in our newsletters.

Arlene Duell Suwijn interview- Nov 2015

George Bassage interview- May 2016

Gladys E. VanHaneghem memories- July 2015 – interview with Ruth Reybrouck

Joyce Goebert VanHaneghem interview- March 2016

Mary Abrams interview- Sept 2016

Molly and Larry Hill interview- Sept 2015

Ruth Kessler Weykman interview- Nov 2016

Winnie Pease interview- july 2016


Misc. “Stuff” that you MIGHT want to know.

A list of Town Supervisors from 1855 to the Present – Walworth Town Supervisors update

Each year the Walworth Historical Society Board of Trustees selects an individual, couple or group that has made a significant contribution to our community for a “Community Service Award.”  In recent years, that award is presented at our Annual Meeting held at the Lodge in Ginegaw Park.  This is usually are largest meeting of the year.  A list of award recipients can be seen Walworth HS Community Service Awards by clicking on the link.


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