Officers and Board Members

Current Officers are:

President – Jessie Keymel   (term expires May 2019)

Vice President – Bob Mogray   (term expires May 2019)

Secretary – Judy McMillan   (term expires May 2019)

Treasurer – Linda Pembroke   (term expires May 2021)

Trustee – Becky Appleman   (term expires May 2019)

Trustee – Gene Bavis   (term expires May 2019)

Trustee – Mary Jane Devlin  (term expires May 2021)

Trustee – Dorothy French   (term expires May 2020)

Trustee – Judy Markowski  (term expires May 2021)

Trustee – Larry Ruth   (term expires May 2020)


We have only listed Officer/Board member contact information on this website for Jessie Keymel and Gene Bavis.  If you need to contact others directly, please get more information from Jessie or Gene or see contact information in our newsletters.

Anyone interested in serving as an officer or trustee OR as a volunteer is urged to make their interest known to the leadership.