Our Community Today

The photos in this section are from the last few years that have been taken in the Walworth, West Walworth, Lincoln, and Gananda areas. 

The Lodge at Ginegaw Park in Walworth with just a few leaves left on the trees.



An old barn on the Walworth-Ontario Road.



Spring has sprung on this route 350 farm.


Spring scene in the Walworth area.


An old abandoned barn in the Lincoln area.


Another spring scene in the Walworth area.


Springtime photo.

You know it’s spring when the lilacs bloom.


This is a photo of the Walworth water tower located on the corner of Canandaigua Road and Atlantic Avenue.



IMG_0090 finished closer

This is Walworth’s first mural. Painted by Corky & Graham Goss, it is approximately 30′ long and 8′ high.  It was based on two paintings owned by the Walworth Historical Society. It’s located on the west wall of the Walworth Post Office, 2263 Marion Rd, Walworth.



The plaque next to Walworth’s first mural.  The top one gives the “history lesson” and the bottom one recognizes the donors who supported this project which was completed in 2013.










Quilt DSC03793



Made by members of the Reverse Curves Quilt Club for the Walworth Sesquicentennial, 1979, this quilt hangs at the Walworth Historical Society.







Hist Mkr - Doug Corners r 001



We don’t know for sure which corner the house was built on (probably the NW corner).  The marker stands now stands on the SE corner after it had been previous knocked over while on the NW corner.








Although this is not a very recent picture, it is an aerial photo of Walworth taken in the mid 1980’s.  See how many familiar homes and buildings you can recognize!







Shown here are Walworth Town Historian Gene Bavis (foreground) and WHS member Roger Keymel in the background.  They are preparing a float for the Festival in the Park parade.  This is done usually on the Tuesday before the big parade on Friday night!







This photo is of an old mill in the “Huddle” area of Walworth about a mile south of town on Walworth-Palmyra Road.  This photo was taken in about 2008.  It has shown serious signs of wear in the last few years.








This is a photo of Blue Heron Hills Golf Club in Gananda.  This was an early snowfall in autumn of a few years ago.  Notice that some of the leaves are still in fall colors and are on the trees.







The two churches in Walworth:  The Methodist church on the left and the Second Baptist Church on the right.  The electric wires have been digitally removed in order to better show the churches.  About two minutes after this photo was taken, the skies opened up and there was a heavy downpour.









This is a farm on Walworth-Palmyra Road about two miles south of town.  It’s colorful because of the yellow wild mustard in the foreground.







This photo shows a small barn on the back-roads of the Walworth area.  There aren’t many small barns left in this area.  This was taken in early spring.







A view of some of the tents at a recent Festival in the Park in Ginegaw Park.







April 11, 2014 – Heavy equipment tearing down the Walworth school.  Multi-unit apartments will take the place of this school.  This location is on the corner of High Street and Academy Street in Walworth.







One of the Walworth fire trucks in a recent Festival in the Park parade.  This photo was shot on Marion Road in Walworth just to the west of Kwik Fill convenience store.







The home of Duke and Mabel Risley in the town of Walworth.  Notice the colorful flower garden in front of the house.







This is the former residence of Bernie Porray and family.  Mr. Porray was a long-time Walworth resident and was very involved in the community.







A photo of the backside of the Walworth Town Hall taken late in the day and just before a snow storm moved into the area.









A winter view of the west side of Lorraine Drive in Ginegaw Park.  Shown is a town building and one of the murals in Walworth.







A mid-winter view of the old Pacific Hotel located in town on Main Street in Walworth.








The Lodge in Ginegaw Park in Walworth.  For a rental fee, this facility is available for meetings, parties, and other community functions.  The Walworth Historical Society holds its yearly meeting in May here.






Shown here is the mural over the service desk in the front of the new Tops store in Walworth.  The photos shown here are from the WHS files and depict some of the  past history of our town.





The above photo shows one of the many farms in Walworth.  This one is on the south side of Penfield Road. This picture was taken a few years ago on a bright summer day.



The four corners in town in Walworth.  This was taken in October of 2016.







This is a photo of some of the decorated holiday trees from the 2016 Light the Night celebration.  This was located in Ginegaw Park in Walworth.  This has turned into a very popular event and is attended by many visitors each year.





An early winter scene in the Gananda area.  This snow came so early that most of the colorful fall leaves were still on the trees.








This is a photo of the old store that used to be on the corner of Plank Road and Lincoln Road.  It was torn down a couple of years ago.  In the early 1900’s it was in business.










The Walworth Fire Department during its annual Open House.  For this event, the trucks are removed from the fire hall and parked outside of the building.







Walworth still has several operating farms.  This shows some of the equipment on one of the areas farms.










Mercy Flight helicopter landing at the Walworth Fire Hall to pick up a patient brought here by ambulance.  Many lives are saved each year by this organization.  Time is of the essence for those critically sick or injured patients.







The John Traas family barn located on Smith Hill Road.  John was very active in the Walworth Historical Society and the Walworth community.  This photo was taken in autumn, just as the trees were starting to turn colors.





A night view of one of the many Walworth area barns.  This was taken in late autumn.











View of the Methodist Church steeple seen through the trees from the east side of town.







A scene from the Walworth town barns.









The corner of Daansen Road and Marion Road.









Walworth Animal Hospital on Penfield Road.









The Lincoln Baptist Church.










The main intersection in Lincoln with the fire hall on the left.








G and S Orchards on Atlantic Avenue in Walworth.

Intersection of Main Street and Penfield Road in town, Walworth.