For Genealogists and other Researchers

If you have a genealogy or other research question, please contact us.  We will do our best to supply as much information as possible.

Ellen Dietterick is our Volunteer Coordinator for Genealogy.  She can be reached at 315-986-4326 or

Our volunteer staff has done a great job or organizing and indexing our files.  Our mission includes sharing information with the public about our local history, so we would like to make you aware of the files we have.  If you have specific questions related to the files, please contact us (Ellen for genealogy questions or Jessie Keymel for other questions.  Jessie’s contact information is under “Contact Us”).   Please be aware that we are a completely volunteer organization, and while we try to respond in a timely manner, it may take some time before we can respond to your inquiries.

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The following 3 links are Genealogical Resources available at the Walworth Historical Society.

Genealogy Resources at WHS 12-21-18

Genealogies at WHS 12-21-18

Genealogy Surname List 12-21-18


We have all of the Walworth Cemetery Records.  They can be reviewed at the Walworth Historical Society.  Contact us for an appointment.

These files will be updated as we add more information.